• Develops and implements programs to educate the public and private sectors regarding the employment of persons with disabilities.
  • Makes presentations about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to businesses.
  • Performs the education phase of preparing people for employment, both the person with a disability and the employer.


  • Identifies and pursues employment for people with disabilities.
  • Holds career fairs and preparatory workshops.
  • Helps with training sessions to better equip job applicants.


Fund Raising
  • Serves as the coordination center for raising needed funds for all committee activities.


  • Works with the Public Information Committee to identify membership needs.
  • Maintains the database for our general membership.
  • Recruits new members.


Public Information
  • Works with the news media and the Governor's Committee to provide information to the community regarding our committee events and to promote the employment of people with disabilities through brochures, press release, public service announcements, etc.


Recognition & Awards
  • Honors persons in the community, both those with disabilities and those who work for their advancement, through a recognition event.
  • Coordinates local nominations to the Governor's Committee for state and national awards.


  • Solicits, nominates, and awards scholarships to persons with disabilities pursuing higher education.


Special Events
  • Plans events to serve as fundraisers or special programs, which encompass our goals.
  • Coordinates those events to serve as projects for the future.